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What to Know When Shopping For A Basement Dehumidifier

It is important thinks to know you buy a home dehumidifier t for your comfort and safety to keep humidity levels in your home in the safe range. When your home has too much humidity, it aggravates your allergies and encourages mold to grow which can be a serious health threat. Not only that, excess humidity damages your valuables and even causes wood furniture to warp. Buying a basement dehumidifier is an effective solution for your humidity problem whether you are battling the humid summer months or a humid climate all year long. Installing one is easy, just call a Maui Air Conditioning contractor and it will be done in no time.

The first thing you should consider is the capacity of the dehumidifier. Capacity ratings are printed right on the box in amount of water the unit is capable of removing per day. For example, you might see a rating of 70 pints per day. The higher the capacity, the more efficient the unit and the more water it will pull from your home daily.

A large capacity basement dehumidifier has another benefit too. It has much quieter operation since the fan does not have to work so hard. This could be an important consideration if you watch television or lounge in your basement while the unit is in operation.You should look for a house dehumidifier reviews that is frost proof if your basement is not heated. A unit that is frost proof is not affected by cold temperatures.

When it gets cold, there is a risk of frost forming on the coils. This could shut the dehumidifier down. If it is in your basement and out of sight, you might forget about restarting it. Auto-restart is another important feature you should look for. If you have a power outage and your unit stops working, it will not restart itself unless if is equipped with auto-restart.

You may want to look for an Energy Star award when shopping for your new basement dehumidifier. Just keep in mind Energy Star compares dehumidifiers of the same capacity. But large dehumidifiers are always more efficient at removing water from your home even if they do cost a little more to operate.

The goal of your basement dehumidifier is to keep the relative humidity in your home between 30-60 percent. It is difficult to know which brands actually achieve this. It helps if you read the specifications on the box as well as consumer reviews so you buy a unit that gives you the best result.

Shopping for a dehumidifier is a serious task because you need to invest your money in a unit that performs as it is supposed to. It is not a good idea to go by price or physical size alone. Be sure to compare all the features and capacities of each one you are considering. Be sure to read the full specifications on the box so you understand what you are buying…


What You Should Know About Hiring Someone For Your Home Improvements

If you are feeling as if it is time to update your home some, and make some home improvements, then chances are, you are looking for a contractor to do the job. Contractors that are familiar with home improvements should know exactly what you are wanting once it is explained to them. When you have your initial consultation with your contractor, be sure that you have some pictures available for him to look at, and so that he can give you an estimate that will be close.

Once you have found a contractor that you would like to hire and get your home improvements done for you, there are some important things that you should know. First of all, it is very important that the constrictor is insured and bonded. When the contractor is insured, this means that any mishaps that might occur while he is in your home working will be covered. Most contractors are insured. Just make it a point to double check that yours will be also.

Try to go with a contractor that someone that you trust has recommended to you.

That way you know that they have done a good job before, and hopefully will do a good job on your home improvements as well. If your contractor was not recommended to you, you can always ask for references to make sure that he has finished jobs for others that are satisfactory. Asking your contractor to provide you with references is not a bad thing. The contractor should be more than willing to do so.

Other than the points above, make sure that you explain how important it is that your contractor is done by whatever date it is that you choose. This will give the contractor something to work forward to, and you can make sure you are both on the same page.…


Improving the value of your home

People used to purchase a home so that they could have a solid place to raise a family instead of the ups and downs of renting. Today’s home buyer buys a home today for a place to raise their family and to increase the value and make some money.

Home improvement value means that when you make an improvement or a repair you raise the value of your home. You can expect to get a return of 60 to 80% from most home improvements. Remodeling the bathroom or kitchen will get you the best return on your investment and it will help to sell the home when you are ready to sell. People love to have beautiful kitchens but they need to be practical so that they can enjoy their family and friends while they are preparing meals.

You can improve the value of your home by repainting, fixing the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, upgrading the lighting replacing or re-stretching the carpet and by upgrading linoleum to tile. All of these improvements and repairs will help with the home improvement value of your home and most of them can be done by you the home owner if you take your time and do some research on the Internet or go to your local home improvement store and participate in one of their clinics.

bathroom-remodelRemodeling a kitchen, bathroom or adding a room maybe more than you want to tackle on your own. Hiring a contractor does not have to be the daunting task that you may have heard of. Be sure to ask your family and friends to see if they can recommend a contractor that they have used in the past. This is usually one of the safest ways to get a contractor with out the worry. Once you get a contractor be sure to check his license and insurance. One way to save on the cost of using a contractor and still get the home improvement value is to ask him if you can do the parts of the project that you feel comfortable doing like painting hanging the light fixtures or installing the faucets.

Always remember that keeping your home and its surroundings in good repair is the easiest and best way to increase the home improvement value. If you let water drip under the sink it will not only cost you money from the extra water but it will eventually rot the wood under the sink and may even cause you to have to remove and replace the cabinets.…