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KDE4 Wallpaper and Icons Download

Written by Matt on February 13, 2008 – 9:23 pm -


KDE4 is simply beautiful. Combining a new icon-set (Oxygen) with well designed backgrounds, KDE4 is much more visually appealing than KDE3. Recently released, KDE4 still needs time to develop. Although it is usable, it is also suggested that you stick with your current version of KDE, at least until 4.1 is released. However, the icon-set and wallpapers are finished, one might add! Instead of having to install KDE4 and “rip” the icons and wallpapers, simply download them here.

KDE4 Wallpapers KDE4 Oxygen Icons

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2 Comments to “KDE4 Wallpaper and Icons Download”

  1. Soleone Says:

    Thanks a lot, man! I’ve been looking for the icons all over, they’re amazing.

  2. Gorka Says:


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