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Measure Pixels With Kruler

Written by Matt on March 15, 2008 – 8:09 am -

As a web developer, measuring pixels and colors is important. Fortunately, Kruler handles both of these wonderfully. Not only does it have 4 different sizes, you can also change the orientation of the ruler. The ruler itself is even customizable, allowing you to change it’s color and font. Furthermore, as I stated above, Kruler allows you to determine colors. I now know that one of the colors in my wallpaper is #18488A.

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Combining Files With Cat

Written by Matt on March 14, 2008 – 7:05 pm -

Cat is one of the wonderful programs that makes Linux awesome. Imagine you have multiple files you would like to combine. Cat lets you do this. I’ve recently been using it for MP3’s. First use a tool such as EasyTag to remove ALL ID3 tags from the MP3’s first. As long as there are not tags in the MP3’s, this will work perfect. After combining, you can then add whatever tags you would like. Then simply run a command such as this:

cat ./Music/Artist/*.mp3 ./Desktop/Output.mp3

Not only can Cat combine MP3’s, it combines ANY file you throw at it. Not that these files will always work, but it will combine them. As long as you follow the following format, it’ll combine them.

cat /path/to/1stfile /path/to/2ndfile /path/to/outputfile

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