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x360mediaserve - Stream Music To Your 360 In Linux

Written by Matt on April 7, 2008 – 7:27 pm -

Remember that time you threw your controller at your Xbox 360 when you tried streaming music to your Xbox, only to learn once again that Microsoft hates Linux? Now, with x360mediaserve, you can easily stream thousands of songs from your Linux box straight to your 360! I’ve simplified installing and setting up x360mediaserve into three easy steps! Note that for the server to work, you need java, lame,faad,flac and sox already installed.


I’ve written a script to download the tar.gz, extract it, and then delete the tar.gz. I’ve also provided you with a simple command that will download, run, and then delete the script itself. To install, all you have to do is paste this into a terminal:

wget && bash && rm


Using the following command, you can start the server by pasting it into a terminal, adding it to your menu, or even adding it to your services (so it starts everytime you boot).

cd Programs/x360mediaserve-0.0.2/ && ./start


Don’t worry, this part is as easy as the rest of this tutorial. After the media server is running, click on the link below:

Using this simple configuration tool, you’ll need to type in the exact path to your music directory. Friendly name is the name that’ll show up on your Xbox when you go to browse your music. Everything else you don’t need to mess with, but hey, it’s your computer.

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DVD Playback In One Easy Step

Written by Matt on February 18, 2008 – 3:27 pm -

    Although many distros are now becoming very user friendly, most don’t include commercial DVD playback. Most distros don’t even include commercial DVD playback in their repos. The “hidden” thing you need is libdvdcss2. Medibuntu provides you with this file. Taken directly from Medibuntu, you can simply download the appropriate file (according to architecture), and install it. Instead of using Medibuntu’s repos (which messes with other things as well), just install the right deb file. After installing the right deb file, simply use your favorite media player. Kaffeine, Totem, and VLC will all work perfectly.
i386.deb   amd64.deb   powerpc.deb

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KDE4 Wallpaper and Icons Download

Written by Matt on February 13, 2008 – 9:23 pm -


KDE4 is simply beautiful. Combining a new icon-set (Oxygen) with well designed backgrounds, KDE4 is much more visually appealing than KDE3. Recently released, KDE4 still needs time to develop. Although it is usable, it is also suggested that you stick with your current version of KDE, at least until 4.1 is released. However, the icon-set and wallpapers are finished, one might add! Instead of having to install KDE4 and “rip” the icons and wallpapers, simply download them here.

KDE4 Wallpapers KDE4 Oxygen Icons

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Transmission .96 Deb File

Written by Matt on December 31, 2007 – 1:03 pm -

Transmission is a fast, easy, and free multi-platform BitTorrent client with a focus on being lightweight yet feature-filled. I’ve provided a .deb package so that the installation will be as easy as its use.


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Liberation Fonts Installation Script

Written by Matt on December 16, 2007 – 5:35 pm -

After you’ve installed a Linux distro of your choice, more than likely to free yourself from the limits of Microsoft, what better way to further the experience than by using “open-source” fonts? Not only do the Liberation fonts look great, but they are also easy to install if your distro didn’t include them. I’ve written a script to do it all for you, all you have to do is download the script and get to bashing! After installing, you can simply select the fonts for use in any application you like, even system wide!


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