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Apturl in Ubuntu

Written by Matt on April 5, 2008 – 8:33 pm -

Imagine the next time you are trying reading a great list of Ubuntu programs. One of them catches your eye, and you want to try it. Instead of either using Add/Remove or opening a terminal to install the program, you simply click a link. A message box pops up asking you if you want to install the program, and then you enter your password. Before you could have found the program in Add/Remove, the program is installed! With Apturl, this is now a reality.

You must first install Apturl. To do this, simply run this in terminal:

sudo apt-get install apturl

After Apturl is installed, you’ll need to restart your current web browser. Now if you would like to test Apturl, you’ll need an link won’t you? For details of the program, click “Gnome-Main-Menu”. To actually install the program, click “Install”.


Hopefully that worked! Now before everyone starts complaining of how “insecure” this is, consider this. All that is really being done is apt-get is being told what program to install. So a “malicious” blogger can’t install “harmful” software because it isn’t in your repositories. Apturl only works with programs in your repositories. If apt-get can’t install it, neither can Apturl! You can’t run commands using Apturl, so no worries of automatic disk formatting!

What if you would like to use this on your blog? It is very simple to do. For example, for the above install link, I’ve simply created a hyperlink to:


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Combining Files With Cat

Written by Matt on March 14, 2008 – 7:05 pm -

Cat is one of the wonderful programs that makes Linux awesome. Imagine you have multiple files you would like to combine. Cat lets you do this. I’ve recently been using it for MP3’s. First use a tool such as EasyTag to remove ALL ID3 tags from the MP3’s first. As long as there are not tags in the MP3’s, this will work perfect. After combining, you can then add whatever tags you would like. Then simply run a command such as this:

cat ./Music/Artist/*.mp3 ./Desktop/Output.mp3

Not only can Cat combine MP3’s, it combines ANY file you throw at it. Not that these files will always work, but it will combine them. As long as you follow the following format, it’ll combine them.

cat /path/to/1stfile /path/to/2ndfile /path/to/outputfile

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